Why Choose Us?

Xiamen Great Dragon Co.,Ltd.(XMGD) locates in Xiamen city,the southeast of China.XMGD has become a supplier and wholesalers of various food packaging since 1998. XMGD has his own production base to meet the needs of 10,000 global pizza stores and food distributors in every city,and all companies seeking to increase their packaging efficiency.

XMGD produces both a stock line of corrugated pizza boxes, cake boxes, cartons, snack box, paper cups as well as custom packaging designed specifically to meet our customer's needs and exact specifications.

XMGD can provide you custom logo printing of pizza boxes and you can get a free design with 1-4 colors of flexo printing; or offset printing of unlimited colors.Our production ability is more than 1,000FCLS per year.

XMGD has taken many controls measures during the entire production process.

1) Paper Material Control

XMGD uses three ways to ensure that we produce pizza boxes that meet the FDA guidelines,such as seeing the clean paper with no spots,smelling the smell and testing paper quality.

2) Printing

XMGD Chooses the Pantone Color to match special colors as customers’ requirements.

One printing template is only workable for one color, which means if your design has 3 colors,then it need to make 3 templates for your pizza box. Therefore,more colors you demand, higher cost it will be.That’s why flexo printing is workable for 1-4 colors custom logo printings design.

3) Die-cut

Generally speaking,XMGD has some regular used die-cut templates for customers to choose,especially the normal size box which customers have a big demand in.If our existing die-cut template is not workable for customers,we will make a new template for them.The cost is paid at customers’ side.

We use die-cut template to make die-cutting of box,so that boxes look good and are easy to be unfolded.

4) Packing

XMGD always packs pizza boxes by PE films which are disinfected in high temperature.By packing in PE film,pizza boxes aren’t deformed and easy to slip during the whole transit.

It is a good and correct decision to choose us,because we usually send customers the goods in good condition and purchase the insurance for every container goods of our customers.  

We always very welcome new ideas and feedback from our loyal customers, so that we can provide real quality, service & price.Thank you!



XMGD has the highest quality control measures placed across the entire production process to ensure the integrity of our product,respectively for paper material incoming control, production control and packing control.All of the quality control processes ensure that we produce the highest quality boxes that meet FDA guidelines.


To meet the current needs of the marketplace.We always provide customers products with competitive price based on the good quality is guaranteed.


Our professional sales representatives contact frequently with our customers all over the world and ensure that all customers’ needs are met. We work diligently to meet the needs of your business, be it a large pizza chain or the neighborhood pizza shop.


XMGD focus on building a long-term business relationship with every customer. We have always believed that long-term business relationships consist of good prices, services and product quality.